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Top Brands for Top Results

At KB Kelley’s Flooring in Rochester, NH, we make it a point to deliver exceptional quality products at affordable prices. Since day one, the utmost satisfaction of our customers has always been our top priority. Thus, we made it our commitment to work hard to meet or exceed their expectations in any given project.

We believe that our choice of suppliers is an integral element in ensuring high-quality results. By partnering with established and trusted brands, we can execute projects that are at par with the highest standards of the industry.

Our partner manufacturers are globally recognized names in the market. No matter what type or material of flooring you want for your home or office improvement project, you can expect nothing less than splendid results once we are done with the job.

Carpet Pad

Our supplier of choice is STAINMASTER due to the superior quality of its products. Its carpet cushion features a proprietary breathable moisture barrier that prevents household spills from soaking through it.

Not only does STAINMASTER make clean-up a breeze, it also prevents stains from reappearing on the carpet – a wonderful, long-term benefit.

Carpet Brands

Carpet Flooring Brands-KB Kelley’s Flooring


Commercial Brands-KB Kelley’s Flooring


Hardwood Brands-KB Kelley’s Flooring


Laminate Brands-KB Kelley’s Flooring

Porcelain Tile Collection

We offer world-class ceramic tiles that are durable and have a low water absorption rate. They can be utilized to cover your walls and floor for both protection and aesthetic purposes.

Premium Marble and Stone Collection

Marble & Stone Brands-KB Kelley’s Flooring

See the difference in using the first rate flooring manufactured and designed by world-class brands. Call us today at 603-330-3955 or email us at for inquiries or orders.