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Stylish Durability

Here at KB Kelley’s Flooring in Rochester, NH, we utilize a methodical and efficient process in our installation and general floor services.

Apart from using durable material, we also ensure the sustainability of our floor setups. That way, we can minimize repairs and maintenance, which means more savings for you in the long run.

We also factor in the aesthetic appearance of our projects. Our goal is to add value to your home or establishment by making it attractive to occupants and guests. Our services consist of a perfect blend between long-term functionality and elegant style.

Types of Flooring

Our vinyl floors define convenience, as they’re undeniably easy to maintain. We offer numerous styles and designs to choose from. We can also make them look like wood, ceramic, stone, and tile.

Laminate flooring serves as a practical alternative for hardwood. This multi-layer synthetic type of flooring is known for its durability and quality, as well as it lower than the average pricing. Hence, our laminate flooring is a popular choice among customers.

Apart from durability, hardwood flooring also features a warm and inviting appeal to any home or office design. We also carry various styles that can suit your taste. From rustic and textured to sleek and modern, we offer just the right hardwood pieces to complement your beautiful home or place of business.

Proven to be resilient and versatile, our tiles make perfect materials to build walls, floors, and accents. We kept abreast of the modern design and latest collections of tiles so we can offer you a great inventory of porcelain tiles, natural stone, glass, and everything in between.

Our tile sizes range from ¾” x ¾” to 24” x 32”. We constantly find ways to promote innovation with brand new looks, lines, and trends.

What We Offer

Materials and Type of Flooring Products:

  • Tiles
  • Hardwood 
  • Carpets
  • Vinyl Planks
  • Laminate


  • Installation (For Commercial and Residential)
  • Repair (For Commercial and Residential)
  • Custom Works (For Flooring and Showers)

With our flooring solutions, we make sure that you’ll walk on floors that are durable and attractive for a long time. Call us today at 603-330-3955 or email us at for more information.